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Het Witte Genieten 2016

Silver medal at the national wine test of the Netherlands 2015

This wine is composed every year from the Solaris and Johanniter grapes. The actual composition will vary from year to year.

Price: €12,50 (750 ml)

Het Bruisende Genieten 2018

Seal of Quality at the national Wine test of the Netherlands 2015, Silver medal in 2014.

The Rose wine is made out of a cuvée of Pinotin and Cabernet Cortis after which it is processed to sekt in Germany

An explosion of summer feeling!


Price € 13,50. Available from the end of May 2017

Het Rode Genieten 2015 – SOLD OUT

A wonderfully refreshing red wine made from the pinotin grape.

Slightly chilled, a pleasant alternative to enjoy on our terrace.

Won a bronze medal


Price €12,50.

Other products

Laan van het Grote Genieten

Sometimes, there comes an opportunity in your life to change the way you live.
Jan and Tieke have seized this opportunity by building a vineyard and care farm from the ground up.
Their experience are told in this book with an appropriate amount of self-mockery and humor.

A book that is particularly suitable for people who are thinking about making their dream a reality.

For sale at the vineyard: €14,50 or via all Dutch book-websites (only in Dutch)



For several years now, we have been making a delicious grappa of the second echelon wines of “De Amsteltuin”. We do this in cooperation with top quality distillery “De Schans”. The white grapes still contain so much sugar, juice and flavour after making our wines, that a second product can be made by adding water and yeast. This second tier wine is then distilled by “De Schans”. Amstel Grappa is available at their Distillery in Uithoorn and via their website.

Price: €27,50 (500ml)

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